Monday, July 6, 2015

My latest novel idea, Dark by Design, accepted by Jukepop Serials!

Jukepop Serials has accepted my story Dark by Design, an Urban Fantasy novel. Check it out:


An exorcism has cursed Max Rafferty with strange powers and an inner bestiality he struggles to tame. But with his new demonic powers, he intends to find the Supernaturals who abducted his friend and love interest, Karen Summers, and make them pay. But it won't be easy.

Max and his partner, a vampire named Nixie, must face hordes of Other-world killers and find out who is behind a recent slew of abductions to find Karen and keep a small neighborhood known as the Devil's Corner from being plunged into hell. But as if that wasn't enough, a sinister being is about to rise to cloak the world in darkness. The Harbinger is coming.

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