Sunday, October 11, 2015

Grown as Hell and reading Young Adult Fiction?

I am not within the young adult age range, but like many, I occasionally enjoy a good young adult novel. One of my favorites is the Divergent series. Think about it, so-called professional book reviewers are adults and they enjoy the young adult fiction that they review. Whether they have young adult fiction in their personal collection, no one knows.

When I read any book, whether it's young adult or not, I look at it as an art form. Yes, writing is indeed a form of art. And either the book I'm reading is good art or bad art. Great storytelling and interesting characters are part of what makes a novel good art, to me. And if a young adult novel has all the ingredients to make it a good form of art, then so be it. Just like a painting, either you like what you see or you don't.

And we were once all teenagers at some point, so I think we can find a lot to relate to in young adult fiction. So yes, you can be as grown as hell and still love to read a good young adult novel.

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