The Dark by Design (Urban Fantasy) Series

What the novel is about: An exorcism has cursed Max Rafferty with strange powers and an inner bestiality he struggles to tame. But with his new demonic powers, he intends to find the Supernaturals who abducted his friend and love interest, Karen Summers, and make them pay. But it won't be easy.

Max and his partner, a vampire named Nix, must face hordes of Other-world killers and find out who is behind a recent slew of abductions to find Karen and stop a small neighborhood known as the Devil's Corner from being plunged into hell.

My inspiration: Dark by Design is an urban fantasy I conjured up from my dark imagination, inspired by the works of Kelly Gay (The Better Part of Darkness), Jeaniene Frost (Halfway to the Grave), Jennifer L. Armentrout (Unchained), and other urban fantasy novelists. I also derived inspiration for Dark by Design from my favorite dark superheros, such as Spawn, Batman, and the late Shadow Hawk, as well as video games such as Devil May Cry. There are Hentai influences as well. 

Dark by Design is the first novel in my Dark N' Raunchy brand: Dark N' Raunchy novels are sci-fi and urban fantasy novels that are strictly for adult readers. These novels may contain extreme, over-the-top violence and sexual content that you would absolutely not want children or adolescents to read. The Dark N' Raunchy brand begins with the uncut ebook release of Dark by Design. Dark by Design can already be read on Jukepop Serials, but the uncut release will contain even more Dark N' Raunchy content.

Read more about the Dark N' Raunchy brand here.

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